Steve Touhy is a Chicago native whose quick-witted comedy has brought him 24 years of experience in radio, long with a decade of that doing stand up comedy.
His stage show stems from his numerous and humorous problems in everyday jobs.  His days of being a hardware clerk, hearse driver, and a live in nanny leave audiences in stitches.  He also takes the crowd on a journey through his transition from confirmed bachelor  (beer, pizza, and video games) to becoming a husband and father of two girls (prom dresses, Real Housewives, and video games…after everyone goes to sleep). 
The radio show, Touhyville, is an extension of the stage show.  5 days a week Steve jumps into the news of the day, pop culture topics, and lifestyle talk with a twist that only he has.  
Steve has also appeared in major motion pictures such as “ Save The Last Dance”, “Rocky and Bullwinkle The Movie”, “Chain Reaction”, and “What Women Want”. 
His television credits include CBS’ s “Early Edition”, NBC’s “ER”, and ABC’s ”What About Joan?” .


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